Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Download Batch Image Resizer

Everyone with a SmartPhone.. or a phone with a camera use to take pictures from it. Usually those camera took pictures with high resolution that takes lot of memory.. and we usually find it difficult to upload all those images on Social Media or on cloud as they takes lot of bandwidth.
Batch Image Resizer is a simple and sophisticated utility. It can help you in re-sizing all your images present in a folder.

Simply select the folder in which your images are present, select the standard size for the images to be converted in or input any custom size of your choice. A new folder named 'Resized' will be created in the same directory as of the images with all the images of your desired size.

You point the source folder of your photos and enter a scale ratio for dimensions and let our software reduce their file sizes into a reasonable level and copy the new files into a clean folder. By that way you can save unbelievably lots of space on your hard disk. It is just a single click job.

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