Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Download Batch Image Resizer

Everyone with a SmartPhone.. or a phone with a camera use to take pictures from it. Usually those camera took pictures with high resolution that takes lot of memory.. and we usually find it difficult to upload all those images on Social Media or on cloud as they takes lot of bandwidth.
Batch Image Resizer is a simple and sophisticated utility. It can help you in re-sizing all your images present in a folder.

Copy Online Watched Videos From Cache

Online streaming sites such as YouTube or any other website, when you watch a video from there, they are downloaded to your system's cache. You can find those videos Remain in the cache which can be copied for offline viewing. 
"Video Cache View" is an excellent portable tool for this job. Since it is portable so it can go anywhere you have set up. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How to set Password on folder in windows 7

1. First choose or create a folder and give it a name.
2. Open the folder by double left clicking it and then right click anywhere within the open folder and select “New” then “Text Document
3. Rename your newly created text file to 'Password.bat' (make sure the file extension is .bat - not .bat.txt.... for this purpose, save the file with full file name under "inverted commas" i.e "filename.bat".... This will save the file in .bat format and not in .txt format)
Note: that you need to have file extensions view enabled in Windows in order to rename the .txt extension to .bat. Please follow the first to steps of the tutorial HERE if you do not know how to enable it.
4. Right click on