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How to Get more Likes on Facebook Page or Wall Post

We all want to get more Likes on our Facebook posts, right?
You’d be lying if you said no!

One of the most frequently asked questions about Facebook marketing is: What is the best time to post on Facebook?
The quick and easy answer? The best time to post on Facebook is when your audience is online!
We will divide our this article into two parts.
  1. For your Facebook Wall (Personal Posts)
  2. For your Facebook Page (Posts on your Page)

For your Facebook Wall (Personal Posts)

Let's keep it straight and brief. We'll discuss some brief points to get to know about this.
  • Post more Photos and videosPeople are very visually-oriented, so photos and videos are more likely to capture people's attention than wordy status updates
  • Try to be Precise, Quick-witted and a bit funny as well.
  • Timing is very important. I must say there are some peak hours on Facebook on which there large no# of people online (mostly from 9:30 pm to 11:30 pm)
  • Posts on weekends might give you more response.
  • Like other people's posts. Some people does have a psyche that they will only going to 'Like' or 'Comment' on your status/post if you too Likes or Comments on their post. Try to be a Liker and Commentator on Facebook :)
  • You better know what your Friend Circle likes the most. Try to post such updates which will ultimately urge your friends to like and comment on.

For your Facebook Page (Posts on your Page)

  • Invite Maximum people to your Page. You need audience who'll like and comment on your post. Invite all your contact list and Mail the link of your page to your Mail list too
  • Post more Photos and Videos. According to reports, photos crush it on Facebook: 53% more Likes, 104% more comments, 84% more click-throughs
  • Ask Trivia Question. Try to ask such questions and trivia through your post that audience fall onto it to give answer
  • The Best Time to Post. Facebook has the Maximum number of Logged-In users in between 9 pm to 12 am. Some people also uses it in the morning after 10 am from there Offices. Try to post in the peak time to get more interaction.
  • The Best Day to Post. A recent study shows that the best day of the week to generate the most Facebook shares is Saturday. Weekends will give you more audience than any other day
  • Use Scheduled Post Feature. Facebook gives you a feature on your Page to Schedule your Post to be posted on any time you want. Use this Feature to post on a peak time when Maximum Audience is available to see your post
  • View your Page Insights to Know your Audience. View Insights to know about your audience, their online timing, type of post that gets more likes etc. You will get all the information about the doing of your posts, which day and on which time when the most number of your fans are online and what type of posts do your fans like etc.
  • Using Emoticons increases Comments by 33%. According to AMEX OPEN Forum infographic, emoticons can make a big difference to your engagement rates. No only do posts with emoticons get 33% more comments, they also get shared 33% more often. Even better: they get liked 57% more often than posts without emoticons
  • Comment & Like as your page on other pages.
  • Share posts of your Page on other Page's relevant Posts.
  • Shorter posts get 23% more interaction. Keeping your post below 250 words can get you more Likes and Comments
  • Like and comment on your Page's post from your personal profile. This might show as your activity on your friend's wall which will ultimately increase the audience.
  • Repost any (recent) old Popular Post. You can repost a recent old post that got a good number of Likes & Comments
  • Place your Facebook link on other social media networks. If you have other Social Media accounts (e.g Twitter etc.) than you can post the link of your page or your Page's post there.
  • Add the "Facebook Like" tools to your website or blog
  • Become part of an external social media 
  • networking community. There are Pages/Groups/Communities online that do favor to each other by increasing the audience of other's Pages. You can join them.
  • Create a Contest and GiveAway if you can.
  • Buy Advertising
Below is the statistics from KissMetrics which shows the way to get More Audience for your Page's Posts.

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