Sunday, February 5, 2012

How to Change the Usb Drive Icon with Your Picture

You can choose a custom icon or any of your image to appear as the icon of your removable usb drive on any computer. This trick will let you create a personalized icon for your Usb drive which will work in any computer.

First things first, you need a .ico file to be used as the icon in the removable drive. To do that you can search for some really beautiful icons at Iconarchive or use your own picture as an icon whenever you plug in the removable drive in any computer. (also read: How to prevent usb drives from auto running programs)

How to create an Icon File of your image and use it as removable drive icon

To create a .ico file of your image, follow the steps mentioned below
1. First create a 16 X 16 image file containing only your face.
2. Head over to this website and click the browse button to upload your image. Next click “convert to ICO” to get an icon of the image.
3. Now you need to create an autorun.inf file and place the icon and the autorun.inf in your usb drive.
We assume that the name of your icon file is myicon.ico
4. Open notepad and copy the following lines exactly
Label=Removable Drive
5. Copy the autorun.inf and myicon.ico files in the root of your removable drive.
6. Hide both the files in usb drive so that you don’t delete them accidentally. Now unplug your removable drive and plug it in any computer. You will see your image as the usb drive icon as shown below
The icon is also shown on the auto play options as well as on the windows explorer. This trick works in any computer as long as you keep both the files in the root of your usb drive
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